City life

Well, I am back in the city and settled into the new office/ studio.  Things sure are noisy/busy here, but I am enjoying the well paved bike trails and amazing Vietnamese restaurants!  I will be working on some smaller pieces in the "This Proverbial Life" series soon, so look forward to those coming out hopefully before the end of the month.  Also, for those interested, some of my printed linocuts from the "Standard Deviations" series will be on display in the Chapel Hill public library in North Carolina until the end of September.      

City life is nice, and I'm just in time to enjoy the Fall festivals and cool city evenings before old man Winter swoops in. I'm also happy that I can go out at anytime of the day, or night, and not have to worry about any bear or coyote encounters  (although I am secretly starting to miss those crazy critters).  I could get used to it here.