Fall Happenings

What a month! I am in the process of getting ready to take down the show at the TD Gallery, wrapping up drawing classes at the Spartanburg art museum and getting my students ready for the end of the semester at the college. Luckily I've still found time to work and the 5 foot pen and ink drawing I've been plugging away at sure looks promising. After an exhaustive search I finally found a model for it!  I'm halfway done with the first layer now and I will post an update in the upcoming week, but in the meantime, I should probably play with this very upset and bored studio cat.

Working Small

After finishing my first year teaching the city,  moving into a new apartment, and getting a new kitten named Gypsy Danger, things are finally winding down and allowing me to work again! Well, I've always been working, but now I'm back full throttle. I have been starting to work smaller and will be updating the site soon, so please be patient. In the meantime, I have included a work that did me well this last month, "A Foolish Sheep Makes the Wolf Her Confessor".

Thanks again for supporting my work!

Checking in

It has been a while since I have last posted, but fear not!  I have been working on drawing over 1,000 ears of corn for my next piece so I am, pardon the pun, up to my ears in it!  It has been slow going and the finished work seems as if it will be roughly 10 feet long and in three pieces! Wow!  I am really excited for this piece called (tentatively) "Rich Men Keep Their Souls Under the Covers of Their Cash Boxes"

Wish me luck! I better get back to work, but here is a snippit of one of the components I finished a few weeks ago.  Tell me if that little lady looks familiar.