Working Small

After finishing my first year teaching the city,  moving into a new apartment, and getting a new kitten named Gypsy Danger, things are finally winding down and allowing me to work again! Well, I've always been working, but now I'm back full throttle. I have been starting to work smaller and will be updating the site soon, so please be patient. In the meantime, I have included a work that did me well this last month, "A Foolish Sheep Makes the Wolf Her Confessor".

Thanks again for supporting my work!

Showing this month

Hello once again from this crazy studio!!  I have been working, I swear!  The intricate, smaller works are coming along and should be ready to post in a few days. Exciting!  So, what else have I been doing you ask? Framing.  It's not easy to find a frame for a six foot drawing.   My work will be included this month in "A Fine Line: Contemporary Drawing" Exhibition at the Claypool-Young gallery at Morehead University in Kentucky.  It was juried in by the contemporary artist Anne Harris. 

I had never been to Kentucky before so what did I do?  I rented a van and carted the huge piece out there myself!  Beautiful state!   I loved it so much I'll be back to see the open exhibition and to hear Ms. Harris's talk on the 16th.  Nice drive too, those 775 miles flew by!  Here is a picture of the framed behemoth when it was sitting in the garage before I loaded it up.